16th December 2017 
Mum and Baby Yoga Perfect Balance. Mum and baby perfect balance

Mum and Baby Yoga Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance sessions draw on Veronique’s 20 years experience in the fitness industry; and brings together yoga, pilates based movements and ballet inspired training; to create a class that has the power to change your body shape!

After having a baby it’s important to retrain the muscles to work effectively again. Each session contains a series or carefully sequenced moves that will pull the muscles in your body back into a tight knit family. Your stomach muscles and pelvic floor will become strong and any loose skin around the tummy will start to pull back to the muscle. Your spine will realign and your hips, bottom and thighs will become streamlined. The aim of the class is to create a perfect balance between your strength and flexibility and allow all the muscles in your body to work together in harmony. We will also provide you with specific exercises if you have Diastasis Recti (separated abdominal muscles).

The class is suitable from 6 weeks after giving birth (8 weeks if you have had a C Section).

Baby’s come too !
There are no child care concerns as baby comes along and they are very much part of the class. The class starts with the sequences for the mums, when we entertain the babies with movement and sound, and when they start to get restless we do some Baby Yoga for them.

Once your booking on a YTL class has been confirmed you become a member of YTL and benefit from having access to useful information and handouts.

Class Time, Location and Equipment
All our Mum and Baby classes are offered in the afternoon and located near to good transport links so they are easy for you to get to.

For further details on our classes please refer to our Timetable and Booking Details

"Veronique’s Pregnancy Yoga classes were a joy to attend. They kept me feeling healthy and gave me a space each week to really connect with my growing baby. The breathing she taught me really helped me ride out the worst of the contractions during labour, and I now have a beautiful baby boy." Sarah Manley

"Veronique’s Pregnancy yoga classes gave me the confidence to face the unknown. I was struggling with the many physical and emotional changes going on with my body and mind, and fearful of the birth. Veronique knowledge, reassurance, encouragement and gentle manner gave me the confidence to approach labour positively. The breathing exercises were great for labour and I used one of the postures she recommended to give birth in. A wonderful bonus was that I made friends with other mums to be in class and now me and baby Mia meet up with them each week." Jo Levermore

"I was really struggling with pelvic pain during my pregnancy until I discovered Veronique. She gave me a set of postures to do at home and advised me on how best to sit, stand and walk. The pain has really reduced and made me able to enjoy my Pregnancy so much more. I highly recommend Veronique’s classes." Marsha Danson