17th October 2017 

Structural Yoga

Structural Yoga
Ones posture today is a reflection of everything you have ever done to and with your body. The way you walk, sit, carry things, and the type of job you undertake all impact on your posture. If you undertake sporting activity one side of your body or certain muscles may be more developed or flexible than others. This imbalance may lead to injuries and longer term health problems.

Structural yoga identifies imbalances in the body. Individual programmes are then designed to return the body to balance. They are continually refined to develop in line with the individuals needs.

Session Bookings:
Our sessions take place on one or two Saturdays / month. Spaces are limited so please do let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to book a place.

Time: By appointment. Each session is 1 hour.
Cost: 75

For further information or to book a Structure Yoga Sessions please Contact Us.

"Veronique is an easy person to learn from. She immediately made me feel at ease I could easily trust her with my issues. She created a personalized yoga practice to resolve my structural imbalances and introduced me to new information in manageable chunks. Being a Yoga Teacher and Director of my own Yoga Studio it was exciting to try something new that actually worked! I now practice her recommendations daily. Veronique is a blessing that has brought more joy and health into my life." Alison Eliason

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"If we don’t like what we are doing or where we are at the beautiful thing to remember is that we can always start over."